For over 38 years, fashion designer Michael Wilson has consistently produced exquisite garments for every realm. Originally under the label of Saint Michael’s Designs (1983-1987), Michael designed and produced menswear which was sold nationally through independent boutiques and mail order catalogues. These collections were exhibited in New York City at NAMSB (Nation Association of Menswear Buyers) and featured and advertised in G.Q. Magazine, Ebony Man magazine and other publications.

Throughout the 90’s under the label Michael Wilson USA, Michael focused on custom work, primarily for pro-athletes. These mass orders of custom suits, shirts and sportswear were produced in
Michael's downtown Cleveland, Ohio studio either by Michael Wilson or with his small staff of employees. Although his studio was housed in Cleveland, Michael Wilson was flown thoughout the country for personal fittings and custom designs.

After the millennium Michael was led to the ecclesiastical realm. More specifically, the garments of the Church. And thus, the ongoing collection of High Church Vestments was developed. An amazing collection of religious garments, carefully designed from a historic perspective and intricately produced by Michael Wilson to serve the needs of traditional and contemporary Churches.

Today, Michael's next vision is realized. Under his label Michael Wilson USA, Michael launches an artsy, sophisticated, savvy collection of limited edition garments and accessories designed to market online and through wholesale distribution. The garments are mostly menswear, the accessories have no gender. Each piece is handcrafted and impeccably produced in Wilsonville, that is, wherever Michael Wilson is........

Michael Wilson now 60, an African American male of quiet demeanor who works behind the scene. Michael is internationally traveled, highly skilled, and extremely preceptive. You sense that in everything he produces. Wilson recalls, there was a small group of religious leaders at my studio for fittings. They realized that my work is not limited to clerical garments. They stumbled at putting into words who they discerned I am. One finally blurted out “ I tell you, he’s a Guru of Style”. Michael Wilson USA


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