Apron Vest Set
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High Church's traditional apron vest is a must have. The apron is expertly tailored, light weight and a breeze to wear. The welt pocket is included to hold your pectoral cross.

Available for $250 in tropical wool ( Black, Scarlet, Heather Gray,Roman Purple and Natural White)

Available for $300 in Super 120 Wool (Black, Scarlet, Roman Purple, English Purple

Also show here are High Church's exclusive Tailored Linen Collars. These collars are exquisite. If plastics/ rubber collars don't agree with you, here is your answer. Available in Collar sizes 14.5 thru 21

1 3/4 Height (reg) $50

2 1/2 Height (High) $60

1 3/4 with Preaching Tab $75

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Angled Yoke Clerical Shirt
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Shirt Cassock
Angled Yoke Clerical Shirt